The GDR iPhone App

Welcome to the revolutionary GDR surveying mobile application. The idea really is incredibly simple, but the effect is dramatic.

  • This app removes the need for manual data entry
  • No more paper forms, no more digital cameras
  • No need for separate digital cameras
  • Surveys are completed electronically on-site
  • Customer can sign the report on-site
  • Surveys are completed and submitted while the surveyor is still on-site (subject to 3G/4G or wi-fi availability)
  • Digitally packaged into a PDF and sent by the application

We know that surveyors spend approximately one day a week taking their raw data and creating digital reports for their clients. With the GDR Surveyor App, these surveyors have an extra 'surveying day' per week, which creates a huge impact on the efficiency and profitability of the business. Meaning that 20% more surveys can be created, generating significantly greater revenues for the organisation.

The process for an app user is simple:

  • Complete your chosen survey questions 
  • Take or upload your own photos direct to your phone
  • Save multiple surveys for later review or for sending when in wifi area
  • Send fully packaged report to the client, area manager or chartered surveyor for sign off

Within your unique app you can also include:

  • Company branding
  • Bespoke survey forms, questions and format
  • Customer can electronically sign the report on-site
  • Social media links
  • Login to 'secure' your app

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